Recent scientific findings and research in the fields of human origins and biology have reached a key threshold: with increasing accuracy, this body of knowledge can tell the complete human evolutionary story that began 7 million years ago and spans to modernity. It offers an evidence-based historical understanding of humanity, our social structures, and the role of our biology in that process. Human Bridges believes this material is a valuable contribution to human understanding. We believe in enriching public and scholarly discourses on these topics out of which the individual and the public mind is shaped.

We are at an early moment in the education process—the recent science and research have not percolated into popular consciousness, or found application in centers of social influence. Human Bridges’s early goals are in recruiting and cohering a group of experts from the fields of human biology, human origins, and anthropology who want to contribute their individual expertise to a wider accessible body of information, and enlist in the cause to make this material a staple of education at all stages of life.

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