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Seeking Translators for Globetrotter

January 14, 2021

Dear Reader,

After three years, Globetrotter is a success. The work is essential—Globetrotter tells the stories of people’s movements and the struggles and challenges facing the majority of humanity in the Global South; the journalism is relatable across the world, because multinational corporations and globalized capitalism create the same problems everywhere. The world needs more journalists from the Global South talking to each other—the societies of the world need an alternative to hearing from the small number of journalists whose perspectives match the prerogatives of Western financial interests.

Our authors are read in more than 200 publications in more than 50 countries on five continents, for the most part in English-language publications—and now it is time to grow. We can reach many more people with our work through quality translation, and that’s where hopefully some of you come in—we are looking for translators, not just anyone; we want to reach out first to people who know our work and understand the mission.

If you have some background and experience in journalism, are naturally fluent in English and other languages, have a politics rooted in people’s movements, if you are dependable, easy to work with, and know you have some free time in your life to contribute and make a difference—if you see the potential of this work to be a key ingredient for a better future for humanity, please reach out to us.

Our priorities are naturally the languages most commonly spoken on Earth, but by no means are we limited by the top 10 or even 50—please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Globetrotter Editors

[email protected]

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