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Announcing the Launch of the Bridging the Gap Initiative

January 11, 2021

Bridging the Gap is a pilot program designed to support college students from very different walks of life to cultivate the will and the skill to communicate effectively across lines of difference.

In response to the deep divisions we see across our country, and in higher education more specifically, this program provides training and the opportunity to practice developing a deeper understanding of the “other.”

The goal is not to seek watered-down compromises or a kumbaya belief that there are no real disagreements. But rather, Bridging the Gap believes deeply in people, believes the brave work is sitting face to face with those we disagree with and staying firm in our values and open to their humanity at the same time. 

We envision a transformed culture where the heroes are the bridge builders. With Bridging the Gap, these skills are also then applied to issue and policy challenges where we take a multi-stakeholder approach to understanding uses such as criminal justice and where diverse groups of students are charged with developing blueprints for reform on those issues.

Watch the trailer:

Enjoy watching the full documentary film about the process here. You can also read more about Bridging the Gap in USA Today and on

Founder, Writing Fellow of Face to Face

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