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The IMI Journal—September 2020 Edition: D-Day for Democracy: Media Makes Sure Our Votes Are Counted

September 23, 2020

500,000 mail-in votes in Wisconsin might not have been counted in November—that is, until our reporting helped identify what could charitably be called a “clerical error” in that state’s Republican-created ballot application process with enough time for voters to be educated about it. Wisconsin’s electoral votes, by the way, were determined in 2016 by fewer than 25,000 votes. Voting organizations in September have a clearer idea of whose absentee votes are most likely to be rejected—younger voters, at as much as triple the average rate. Poll workers and voters can expect bottlenecks almost as soon as precincts are open—the more we know about these potential Election Day issues, the better the public can prepare for them.

These are just a selection of the recent articles Steven Rosenfeld has done for IMI’s Voting Booth project. Supporting democracy isn’t just about sending money to candidates running for office—this country needs skilled reporting that can spot problems in real time. Those two things need to go together for the process to work.

Voting Booth has prevented so much error and malfeasance in our election systems—and we are asking you to step up and support this work at a critical moment.

If you aren’t up to date with the important work being done by our other writers, please catch up with their recent work!

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Thanks from Jan Ritch-Frel and the rest of the IMI team—help us prevent the worst from happening.

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