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Attend the Take ’Em Down Everywhere Conference!

February 5, 2019

As part of the international movement to remove symbols of, and tangible tributes to, white supremacy, you are officially invited to the Second Annual International Take ’Em Down Organizer’s conference the weekend of March 22-24 in Jacksonville, Florida. Over the last six months, the Make It Right Project has had the honor of working with folks across the country and world who are dedicated to dismantling white supremacy and reckoning with its ongoing legacy in every form, including its most visible manifestation—monuments glorifying systems of racist oppression and their defenders. We hope that all of you can join us in Jacksonville at this critical convening.

This year’s Take ’Em Down Everywhere conference “will be the second of its kind designed to commemorate, celebrate and strategically align Take ’Em Down efforts.” Last year’s conference took place in New Orleans and was an outgrowth of the tremendous work done by Take ’Em Down NOLA, who were key in spearheading this incarnation of the movement. “The conference will be targeted toward organizers from around the country and world who have been engaged in Take ’Em Down movements in their respective communities.” Please also note that Saturday will be open to the public, with a 3:00 p.m. protest action in Confederate Park to promote Take ’Em Down’s effort to remove all symbols to white supremacy.

Register for the conference here. (Please RSVP as soon as possible, whether you’d like to present or just attend. Please note there is a registration fee of $35.)

And if you are part of a network of folks who are dedicated to fighting white supremacy and removing symbols of white power, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. The conference will ideally include attendees from “every city or community with a monument or symbol movement afoot (and even those just getting started or planning on it).”

If you have questions or need to discuss anything, please reach out to organizers at (904) 524-1669.

For more information, including Take ’Em Down Everywhere’s mission and goals, visit

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