Trump Loyalists Preview Strategies to Upend 2024 Election

Click here to read the article on the Bucks County Beacon. Not just challenging voters’ credentials in battleground states. But attacking every step in running elections. By Steven Rosenfeld As the 2020 presidential election entered its final stretch, Christina Bobb was not just covering it as a TV newswoman for the pro-Donald Trump One America […]

Election Defenders’ Top 2024 Worry: Online Rumors, Deceptions, Lies Swaying Masses

Click here to read the article on LA Progressive. Propaganda scholars report few measures change partisan mindsets to avert vitriol or violence. But they hope online influencers will counter some rumor mills. By Steven Rosenfeld A decade ago, when Kate Starbird dove into studying how rumors spread online and how people use social media to […]

Voting Booth in the 2022 Elections: A Roller Coaster for Democracy

By Steven Rosenfeld Voting Booth is a project of the Independent Media Institute. Voting Booth’s coverage of the 2022 general election focused on what ended up mattering most to voters: casting a ballot that would be accurately counted and defending democracy’s guardrails. Across America, voters rejected candidates who supported overturning past elections or gaming the […]

600 Million Metric Tons of Plastic May Fill Oceans by 2036 If We Don’t Act Now

This article first appeared on Truthout and was produced in partnership with Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. Fossil fuel stakeholders have been seeking new revenue in the petrochemical industry in general, and plastics in particular. By Tina Casey As the private transportation sector shifts focus to batteries, biofuels, and green hydrogen, fossil […]